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I Luoghi del Sapere, ArteStampa, 2019

The volume presents the locations where the teaching activity of the University of Reggio Emilia and Modena takes place. The 430 pages book shows an itinerary through the so-called “places of knowledge” of the ancient Emilian university, which was founded in 1175, with a very rich iconographic apparatus.

Il Collegio San Carlo, Franco Cosimo Panini, 2017

The book tells the story of almost four centuries of the cultural activity of the Collegio San Carlo di Modena Foundation and presents, thanks to over 300 photographs and numerous in-depth essays, the prestigious headquarters in the heart of the Emilian city and their precious art collections.

The Sistine Chapel, Scripta Maneant, 2016

As the result of a photographic campaign of over 25,000 shots taken with the gigapixel technique, this three-volume book in limited edition illustrates both the frescoes by Michelangelo and all the paintings by the fifteenth-century artists exhaustively and with many life-size details.

La Cattedrale di San Lorenzo a Genova, Franco Cosimo Panini, 2013

It's the last title published in the series Mirabilia Italiae directed by Salvatore Settis. More than 700 photographs by Ghigo Roli describe the most important monument in Genoa in each detail.

La Basilica di San Francesco ad Assisi, Franco Cosimo Panini, 2012

A beautiful book with more than 300 photographs that give credit to the importance of the Basilica di Assisi and its masterpieces. A tribute to Cimabue, Giotto, Simone Martini and Pietro Lorenzetti artworks.

Véronèse, Citadelles & Mazenod, 2012

A rich volume by David Rosand with several images by Ghigo Roli and other photographers. The book reveals Paolo Veronese's painting intelligence throughout all his extraordinary artistic life, from the beginnings in Verona (his hometown) till his Venetian triumphs.

L'Altare e la Croce d'argento di San Giovanni a Firenze, Franco Cosimo Panini, 2012

A complete exploration of one of the most spectacular masterpieces of the Middle Age and Renaissance goldsmith's art: the silver dossal of St, John Baptistery in Florence. Volume edited by Timothy Verdon.

Palazzo Te a Mantova, Franco Cosimo Panini, 2012

The book describes Palazzo Te, built between 1525 and 1536, in Mantua. This masterpiece, realised by the architect Giulio Romano is depicted in all its magnificence: its halls and rooms, its stuccos and the most spectacular frescoes such as those in the Camera of Psiche or that of the Giants.

La storia in un rombo, Moto d'epoca nelle collezioni italiane, Artioli Editore, 2006 e 2011

Two books of the series "La storia in un rombo" dedicated to motorcycles. All these books, conceived and edited by Ghigo Roli, are characterised by a wide and new photographic campaign. All the models are described in every detail with accurate technical explanations.

Il Palazzo Reale di Palermo, Franco Cosimo Panini, 2011

The Royal Palace in Palermo, which today is the headquarters of the Regional Assembly of Sicily, hold several art treasures that Ghigo Roli's photographs bring to light in all their splendour.

Erbario di Trento, Priuli & Verlucca Editori, 2011

The facsimile of the codex, kept at the Buonconsiglio Castle in Trento and realised by Veneto artists at the end of the XV century, shows several healing plants. Limited edition: 500 copies.

L'art du trompe l'oeil, Citadelles & Mazenod, 2010

The book describes the trompe l'oeil, a painting technique that was used also by the Greek and the Romans and developed during the Renaissance, through great artists' masterpieces.  The book conteins several images by Ghigo Roli and other photographers.

La storia in un rombo, Auto d'epoca dalle origini agli anni '50, Artioli Editore, 2008

The book is on cars from the origins till the Fifties. All the books of the series, conceived and edited by Ghigo Roli, are characterised by a wide photographic campaign. Several models are described in every detail and with accurate technical explanations.

Il grande libro di Sassuolo / Il grande libro di Casalgrande, Artioli editore, 2007 - 2005

Ghigo Roli's photos describe the district of Sassuolo and Casalgrande, two small towns in Emilia Romagna known for their tile industry. The photographer shows the geography and the industry, the craftmanship, the art and the architecture, the enogastronomy and the people.

La cappella Contrari nella Rocca di Vignola, Jaca Book, 2007

Ghigo Roli's photographs describe  the frescoes in the Chapel of Vignola Castle for the first time. These frescoes, which were ordered to be done by Uguccione Contrari, were painted by the Maestro di Vignola, one of the most important representative of the late Gothic period in Emilia Romagna.

La grande decorazione barocca in Italia, Jaca Book, 2007

This important volume on wall painting describes the magnificent world of the great Baroque decoration in Italian churches and palaces during the Post Reformation period and the age of Enlightenment. Edited by Steffi Roettgen.

Italia 360° / Sardegna 360° / Toscana 360°, Priuli & Verlucca Editori

The series 360° is characterised by beautiful orbicular photographs. Ghigo Roli realised the photographic campaign for some titles, such as Toscana 360°, with the introduction by A. Paolucci, was rewarded with the Castiglioncello prize in 1996.

Il tempio degli uomini liberi, Franco Cosimo Panini, 2004

Dario Fo, Nobel Prize for Literature in 1997, pays tribute to the Modena Cathedral, a very important Romanesque building and a World Heritage Site.

Wandmalerei in Italien, Hirmer Verlag

The series published by Hirmer Verlag, to which Ghigo Roli contributed by working in Northern Italy, shows the Italian frescoes from XIII till XIX century. The books are edited by the most important specialists (S. Roetggen, J. Poeschke, J. Kliemann and M. Rohlmann).

Paolo Veneziano, Ultreya, 2003

A complete monograph dedicated to Paolo Veneziano, the great protagonist of the Venetian art in the XIV century. A leader artist between the Byzantine period and the Gothic one. Text by Filippo Pedrocco.

Cupid and Psyche, George Braziller, 2002

The story of Cupid and Psyche, from the "Metamorphoses" by Apuleius, is shown through the most important European masterpieces, such as the works by Canova, Raffaello, David and Max Klinger. Edited by Sonia Cavicchioli.

La Basilica di San Francesco in Assisi, Franco Cosimo Panini, 2002

In the series "Mirabilia Italiae", the four volumes on the St Francis Basilica present its whole artistic richness. Ghigo Roli worked in Assisi for four years and accomplished a campaign of about 2.000 photos on all the subjects, both inside and outside. Edited by Giorgio Bonsanti.

Milano d'Arte, Magnus Edizioni, 2001

Ghigo Roli's images lead us in the discover of the main artworks and monuments in Milan.

Modena, Franco Maria Ricci, 2001

"Modena" is one of the titles of the series "Grand Tour", that was created by Franco Maria Ricci to exalt the beauty and richness of the Italian artistic heritage. The book, to which Ghigo Roli contributed, discloses the treasures of the Emilian town.

Lo Specchio d'Inchiostro, Artioli editore, 2000

A book on photography, edited by Ghigo Roli and with a text by Michele Smargiassi, that shows a selection of Giuseppe Michelini's images that were shot between the last decade of the XIX century and the beginnings of the XX century.

Il Libro d'Ore Visconti, Franco Cosimo Panini, 2000

The facsimile of one of the richest Renaissance illuminated manuscripts which is kept at the Florence Central National Library. Limited edition: 500 copies.

Il Duomo di Modena, Franco Cosimo Panini, 1999

In the series "Mirabilia Italiae", the two volumes on Modena Cathedral present its whole artistic richness. Ghigo Roli worked in the Emilian town for two years and accomplished a campaign of about 1.800 photos on all the subjects, both inside and outside.

Cimabue, Federico Motta Editore, 1998

Monograph dedicated to the XIII century painter, Cenni di Pepi, known as Cimabue. Edited by Luciano Bellosi.

La Libreria Piccolomini nel Duomo di Siena, Franco Cosimo Panini, 1998

In the series "Mirabilia Italiae", the volume on the Libreria Piccolomini presents the wonderful frescoes by Pinturicchio.

L'anima e la gola, Edizioni Artestampa, 1997

A book dedicated to Modena traditional cuisine and to the pleasure of conviviality.

The Basilica of St. Francis of Assisi: Glory and Destruction, Abrams, 1997

The most detailed pictures of the vault frescoes in the Upper Basilica of St. Francis shot by Ghigo Roli just before the earthquake destroyed them in September 1997. Ghigo Roli had been working in the Basilica for a long time and his photos became the invaluable documentation for the restoration.

L'angelo del paesaggio / Novecento e Novecento/ Il Cavaliere di Pietra, Touring Club Italiano

Ghigo Roli developed a photographic project on the Modena Apennines which  was then published in three books: one with landscape aerial images, one with portraits and the third on Romanesque Art. Texts by Giuseppe Pederiali and Francesco Guccini.

Dante Estense, Priuli & Verlucca Editori, 1995

The facsimile of one of the most ancient and important illuminated manuscripts of the Divine Comedy, which dates back to the XIV century, at about 70 years from Dante Alighieri's death.

Tunisia, Touring Club Italiano, 1991

A book on Tunisia. The photos by Ghigo Roli describe its archeology and its towns, the desert and the craftmanship, the religion and its people.

Travel Guides, Dorling Kindersley / A. Mondadori Editore

A series of travel guides about some Italian regions. The photographic campaigns have been accomplished by Ghigo Roli.

Travel Guides "Itinerari", Touring Club Italiano

Ghigo Roli contributed to the majority of the titles in the series "Itinerari", such as Valle d'Aosta, Parma e Piacenza, Valtellina, Cilento.

Travel Guides, Bonechi Editore

Ghigo Roli has worked with Bonechi publishing house for a long time. Among the travel books, "Ireland" is a monograph which is fully illustrated by him.

Travel Guides

Ghigo Roli has realised complete photographic campaigns for travel guides of several publishers, as Istituto Geografico De Agostini, Gallimard, Dorling Kindersley, RCS.

Travel and Geography Magazines

Ghigo Roli has worked for some of the most important travel magazines.