Ferrara, Palazzo Costabili or Palazzo di Ludovico il Moro (today it is the seat of the National Archaeological of Spina), Aula Costabiliana o Hall of the Treasure, vault, XVI century frescoes by  Benvenuto Tisi, known as  il Garofalo: detail with gentlemen and gentlewomen, and fruit trees. Along the sides of the ceiling a large balcony, where Oriental rugs are hanging out, is painted. There is a gallery of characters, many of them have musical instruments. They leanfrom the balcony and show the observers their love for arts, music and poetry. The ceiling is almost a showcase of the aristocracy of the time with portraits of rare elegance.  In an evocative scenography, above the balcony, there are a turquoise sky , with a gazebo filled with branches of fruit, knotted around the balustrade. This room is, in fact, a hortus conclusus, a s