Saronno, Shrine of Our Lady of Miracles: the dome of the transept with the great fresco "Assumption of the Blessed Virgin", known as "The choir of angels playing music" painted by Gaudenzio Ferrari from 1534.Paradise is essentially represented by the multitude of angelic presences, placed to crown the face of God and to welcome the arrival of the Virgin.The angels playing music constitute the most varied orchestra of stringed and percussion instruments that has never been painted.Fifty-six different musical instruments can be identified, the most recognizable ones are ancient instruments, the others have been created by  the artist's imagination. The following instruments are recognized: alpenhorn (horn of the Alps), altobasso, harp, bombard, cimballini or small plates, bagpipes, cornet, flute, pan or syringe flute, hurdy-gurdy, lyre, lute, nyastaranga,ribeca, viella, salterio or zither, tambourine , timpani, triangle, trumpet, viola.Detail.